• POSTED BY Editor - June 16, 2021

Break/Fix (Time to Modernise?)

It never ceases to amaze me that break/fix support of hardware remains one of the most antiquated, disjointed ineffective operational supply chains around today.

Right from a technical, operational, service and cost prospective, today`s solutions remain the horse and cart of an industry that boasts innovation and yet delivers nothing tangible in the break/fix arena.

The fact that we still have service directors signing up to contracts which include SLA failure as the norm, staggers me. Where else would you happily buy something that is guaranteed to fail and think “yeah, that`s ok”.

The reality is the industry is failing its clients which in turn forces them into a pattern of thinking and expectation that becomes adversarial in contract discussions and is counterproductive to the delivery of services to the most important people in the process. “Your customers”.

Do you really start your day thinking 5% or 10% of my customers will be unhappy with your service and think that`s acceptable ? And yet that is precisely what service directors sign up to. “Utter Madness”.

This sector is crying out for change. The industry is failing the sector. It’s comfortable just doing the norm.

Time to challenge staid thinking and the “we always do it that way”. Time to engage with clients in a modern inclusive service delivery methodology that touches and responds to every situation in a live reactive and targeted way. Delivering measurable, quantifiable service that responds to the needs of your business naturally.