• POSTED BY Editor - July 13, 2021

Break/Fix (The Future?)

To follow up on the state of break/fix today and the changes needed, essential to a successful hardware product maintenance service strategy.

In terms of any customer impacting equipment then the maximum uptime of equipment has to be the business imperative as quite naturally it impacts directly on customer perception and revenues.

Today’s blanket approach to uptime through a fixed, inflexible bureaucracy is the standard and it fails dismally. This model remains inefficient, cumbersome, disjointed and costly. In fact it fails on every possible level, whether customer, client, or supplier. The centrally controlled service design and implementation methodology cannot deliver a modern reactive, cost effective solution.

Time for change. Time to modernise. Time to think differently.

Time to engage with your branches, empowering your people. Let them be the difference. They are your best asset.

Live, reactive supply chains, minimising downtime, through a range of targeted responses reflecting the needs of the branch and its criticality at the time of the event. SLAs that actually measure performance as it happens through the branch experience.

Diagnostics designed to respond and channel service resolution through genuine branch participation. Shortened touch points in every part of the supply chain. Delivering what you need, when you need it and where you need it and as importantly minimising cost through management and execution of uptime relevant to branch needs.