• POSTED BY Editor - November 22, 2022

Centrex Services, becomes part of the new Centrex Group


Centrex Services is an established IT hardware maintenance support company that has been helping UK companies optimise their IT supply chains and extend the lifespan of their IT products in distributed environments since 2006.

Having celebrated their 16th year anniversary in 2022, it’s safe to say that Centrex`s innovative Circular Environmental supply chain continues to challenge the status quo in the UK’s traditional managed IT service industry. Answering the challenges that clients are facing in their operational service and costs with real measurable advances in solutioning distributed estate costs. Centrex Group specialise in distributed environments delivering servitised application expertise across a client’s hardware estate

Providing field repair, installation, and maintenance services to organisations across the UK, Centrex have been steadily growing, boasting a team of 100 employees and big names such as Nationwide,, Santander, and The Royal Mail on their books!

Thanks to their continued growth and success over the last few decades, Centrex are now taking another leap forward in the IT world.

As Nov 22 Centrex Services will now sit under the “Centrex Group.”

Expanding into other areas of the IT supply chain, Centrex Group now houses several specialised managed IT companies, including Centrex Services, all under the one roof. This unique capability to manage hardware products from manufacture to end user and everything in-between positions Centrex as a leading exponent of servitised solutions within a Circular environmental strategic objective.

With the launch of Centrex Group’s new website, the industry-leading Circular economy servitised managed IT service provider will now be offering the below services, forming a fully integrated lean IT supply chain for the UK’s top brands.

All the brands now living within Centrex Group

The Centrex Group offers a holistic range of servitised modules that enable them to give clients innovative, flawlessly integrated managed IT solutions for their unique supply chain requirements.

Each brand under Centrex Group has been offering services to UK clients for years, but by bringing them together, Centrex Group can now deliver the most comprehensive Circular Economy Strategically managed IT service on the market!

Centrex 2-man services

Centrex 2-man services offer carefully-handled delivery services covering all of the UK with options ranging from no unpacking to full unpacking and assembly.

Centrex print services

Centrex print services provide UK organisations with the end-to-end support they need to completely manage MPS services from installation to repairs and swap-outs.

Centrex catering maintenance

Centrex catering maintenance provides radical lean IT supply chain management to catering clients, leveraging their “Leanventory” system to reduce support stock needs by 50%!

Centrex IT solutions

Centrex IT solutions is the cornerstone of Centrex Group, providing everything you need for a world-class IT service from pre-staging and installation to disposal and safe destruction.

Centrex lifecycle

Centrex lifecycle enables clients to extend asset life, reduce waste, and meet their sustainability goals with environmental inventory and supply chain management.

Centrex E-commerce

Centrex E-commerce offers a wide range of warehousing, stock management, and product delivery services to eliminate E-commerce headaches for UK designers and wholesale and a configurable e commerce front end to enable sale and supply of critical IT products

Want to talk to Centrex Group about optimising your IT supply chain?

Centrex Group is known for the quality and reliability of their innovative managed IT services, which is why they’ve earned a solid reputation with some of the top names in the UK.

Providing groundbreaking services that touch every element of the IT product lifecycle, if you’re looking for a managed IT service provider to offer the tailored support your company needs, check out their new website and get in touch today!