• POSTED BY Editor - October 6, 2021

Lean Circular Economy strategies (within break/fix product support)

My passion is in challenging the archaic supply chain thinking that remain prevalent in the hardware maintenance sectors today. The industry is woefully lacking in innovation. Technical courier it`s only advance.

Retailers want and deserve so much more from their supply chains. Respond to customer demand and delivering what the customer wants, when they want it, where they want it and at a competitive cost.

Connected “Life-cycle” strategies are key to delivering this and so much more. A lean circular economy drives efficiencies through value streaming and In-Depth data gathering which on implementation reduce your operational costs by at least 20% and re-design how service is measured and delivered through APPTRAK an innovative Centrex APP designed to provide complete visibility and control of assets at every touch point. Reducing operational inventory by at Least 40%.
Other benefits include store/Branch/individual engagement through demand driven SLAs further reducing costs and identifying detailed analysis of operational process information flow.

Variable service delivery by product, by branch, by individual. Never before has there been a hardware break/fix supply chain that can deliver these benefits and so much more direct to Manufacturers, re-sellers, distributors, channel markets, Retailers, Hospitality, Banking, Desktop, AV, Mobile. In fact wherever you sit in the supply chain. Centrex have a lean “life-cycle” solution for you.

Customer Help desk, Technical support desk, Scheduling, Field Service, Base repair, Filtration, Refurbish, Disposal, Re-use.