• POSTED BY Editor - September 20, 2021

Standard traditional SLAs, KPIs What is the point ?

I remain completely at odds with IT directors who sign up to failure for the maintenance of IT equipment which is critical to delivering service to their customers. An industry that appears to measure something simply for the sake of measuring it, without any real correlation to the quality of service delivery and in reality are used simply as tools to beat the maintenance provider up every month. To be honest this madness sits with both Maintenance providers, who consistently fail to innovate or modernise their supply chains and IT directors who simply accept the status quo.

These measurement tools have simply become the standard means with which to barter cost efficiencies (a cheaper price) without any real interest in the impact on end users (the customers).

I see conventional SLA`s of 99% and/or penalties which are accompanied by a three page document of mitigations. What on earth is the point!!!!

“Mitigations and penalties don`t serve customers”.

Supply chain thinking today remains in the dark ages. Its time to think!!

To steal someone else`s saying “there is a better way”.

Targeted Reactive Response lean supply chains delivering a suite of service responses designed to target the severity of an incident, engaging the branch in establishing the real time severity of the incident. Taking into account the customer impact the nature of the event. Re-design of the escalation process and touch points for faster solutioning. It can and should be delivered better.