• POSTED BY Editor - April 9, 2021

Technical Logistics (The Differentiator)

As the internet has developed, it has radically changed the dynamics of supply chains. Manufacturers, Re-sellers, Distributors, Dealers, Retailers etc. In fact every position within the supply chain has and continues to be affected by the emerging “internet of things”.

Just look at Ocado, A&O and of course Amazon and there are also smaller niche players Technology is blurring the lines, creating significant opportunities for service transformation.

There are logistics companies who will continue to deliver their services as they do today, never stepping out of their comfort zone and they will be at risk, as will others in the supply chain but the forward thinkers (and there are a few out there) have already begun the transformation process driven by innovative thinking. All from differing positions in supply chains and each seeing something a little different in establishing the objective (always a moving target).

Logistics companies of the future in many instances will be the Retailers of the future delivering entirely new life-cycle solutions for products. Self-supporting Eco-systems through incorporating servitisation and circular economy strategies.

Technology coupled with new Physical “lean” methodologies will be the game changers.

These shifts in the dynamics and interactive touch points with the consumer will be critical to delivering competitive advantage and longer-term brand loyalty.

There will be winners and loser.