• POSTED BY Editor - November 5, 2021

The Complete Circular Economy (disruptive thinking)

The Circular Economy is something that Centrex as a Lean solutions company embraces as a key part of its Lifecycle support strategy. Indeed our model of service solutions looks not only at the manufacturer and End of life process but in a much wider context, a cradle to grave ethos of minimal environmental impact throughout the lifetime of the product itself.

Minimising movements within the entire process of product support as each touch has an impact on the environment through, intelligent dynamics applied in a reactive, demand driven process.

Engaging sites and people, in the process has the triple benefit of reducing environmental impact, reducing overall costs and improving end user service experience, empowering the branch, the individual. Personalising service.

The opportunity to develop much more advanced solutions modernising the traditional methodologies and demarcation zones long held by the traditional supply chain providers is available now through the Centrex lifecycle strategy.

The time for change is here and it`s now!!