Hands & Eyes

As the country entered the first lockdown in early 2020, it quickly became apparent that despite the supermarkets reporting large queues and being extremely busy. our call volume was considerably less than normal.

Figuring something was not ringing true, Centrex assumed that the problem was that the staff were simply far too busy to report the equipment as being faulty.

With this in mind, Centrex developed and offered what we referred to as a hands and eyes courtesy visit.

This was achieved by sending engineers who were working in the area to drop in to the stores & touch base with the Duty Manager to see if they had anything that was in need of repair. Further offering to complete a sweep of the store to see if any preventative maintenance could be completed where potential problems in the making were showing themselves.

Almost without exception, every store was found to have some faulty equipment, which the engineer would either replace there and then from his van stock or arrange for a revisit the following day with a replacement unit from central support stock.

The extremely positive feedback received was that the service was a huge help and it led to us receiving personal praise and thanks from the CIO of the organisation who are one of the country’s largest Supermarkets who we are proud to provide our service to.


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